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start-panel growth is not limited to available width


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Firefox 80
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(Reporter: alexand.dominguez, Assigned: alexand.dominguez)



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If the Debugger's start-panel is dragged past the available width, the next time the end-panel is retracted, the start-panel will grow to occupy that width. Instead, the start-panel should be limited to the available width. A video of the bug is attached.


  1. Expand the end-panel to its maximum width.
  2. Expand the start-panel past the maximum width the UI will allow, i.e., keep dragging to the right of the screen. At some point, let go. The start-panel has now been assigned a width larger than the space available to it.
  3. Drag the end-panel to decrease its width. As the end-panel retracts, the start-panel will grow to occupy its assigned width.


The start-panel's possible width should be limited by the available width of the UI.

I have added a helper method, calcStartPanelWidth(), to limit the start-panel on expansion.

Assignee: nobody → alexand.dominguez

We discussed this during the review for Bug 1599978, here's a link to that discussion:

Fix is now ready.

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start-panel sidebar prevented from being dragged wider than the available width. r=davidwalsh,bomsy
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