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Black pages on Print preview for page


(Core :: Print Preview, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox79 --- fix-optional
firefox80 --- fix-optional


(Reporter: csasca, Unassigned)


(Keywords: regression, Whiteboard: [layout:print-triage:p1][print2020])


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Attached image Black print preview.gif

Affected versions

  • Firefox 79.0b5
  • Firefox 80.0a1

Affected platforms

  • Windows 7 & 10
  • macOS 10.15.5
  • Ubuntu 20.04

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch Firefox
  2. Access and shrink the window horizontally as it will trigger the scroll on page
  3. Open Print Preview
  4. Select Landscape mode and "Print background" option from Page Setup

Expected result

  • Pages are rendered correctly

Actual result

  • Pages are black and glitches may occur while scrolling or resizing the window

Regression range

  • Will see for a regression.

Additional notes

  • The issue can be seen on the attachment
Has Regression Range: --- → no
Has STR: --- → yes
OS: Windows 7 → All

Tried to see for the regression here and this is what I was able to found. The issue is found somewhere between 2019-08-01 (good) and 2019-08-02 (bad).

The pushlog between them is

Unfortunately mozregression will skip all the builds between these two dates, and can't search any further for this.

Has Regression Range: no → yes
Severity: normal → S3
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [layout:print-triage:p1]

Given other print priorities, we won't fix this in 80 unless we find it affecting more sites.

Whiteboard: [layout:print-triage:p1] → [layout:print-triage:p1][print2020]
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