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Block release-beetmover-push-to-release on update-verify


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RyanVM mentioned on Matrix that he's worried about the downsides of pushing to CDNs and then detecting problems in UV. I'm a bit uneasy about this too, but note we have been doing this for automated betas for a while. In case of issues, we ask CloudOps to purge firefox/releases/<version> from archive.m.o and CDNs.

There's history here - in bug 1433461 we started blocking on update verify (Feb. 2018). A month later we'd changed our minds in bug 1446160, at the same time as making any differences change the final state of the task.

RyanVM, any further thoughts here ? Or opinions from others in Release Management ?

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Summary: Block push-to-cdns on update-verify → Block release-beetmover-push-to-release on update-verify

My impression is that the rationale given in bug 1446160 (not wanting to block releases on known-OK differences) is no longer the case. I haven't seen a failure like those in awhile, so I'm assuming the UV job has gotten smarter over time about what differences to expect and to not complain about.

Given that, I don't see a lot of upside to these jobs being non-blocking other than the time savings for getting the builds into the hands of QA faster. And given the timeout-prone nature of the UV jobs still, that's maybe a strong enough reason for leaving things as-is for now until their reliability is better.

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Yeah, we fixed the known-ok differences in Bug 1461490.

other than the time savings for getting the builds into the hands of QA faster.

If we block push-to-release on update-verify, the notify-promote job will still run as soon as everything is on archive.m.o, even before update-verify is done, so depending on what QA is using for a signal, this won't affect when they get access to builds.

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