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Add menu item for "Caret Browsing (F7)"


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(Reporter: kberk.spamaway, Assigned: neil)


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I can't find any documentation, preference, or menu item that informs the user
of the existance of the "Caret Browsing" feature.

Please add a menu item so the user is aware of the existance of this feature.

(Mozilla 1.01 RC2)
-> aaronl
Assignee: hyatt → aaronl
Component: XP Toolkit/Widgets: Menus → Keyboard Navigation
Ever confirmed: true
QA Contact: shrir → sairuh
Where is Mozilla's keyboard help, is another question. F7 is documented in
Netscape's kbd help. I can't figure out why Netscape has keyboard help and
Mozilla doesn't.

I'm not sure whether it should clutter the menus or not. Who do you think will
use this feature, and when?
I will defer to others on this.  I never new the feature existed until I read
about it in another bug.  

I thought it was cool, because sometimes when I am browsing a long documet its
nice to have something to refocus you if you look away.  

If adding it to the menu is not a good idea, then maybe a pref.  I don't think
there should be feautures that the user can't discover from a menu or pref. 
Most users, including me, don't read the documentation, we just learn it on our own.
see also bug 128025.
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: PC → All
Attached image Firebird pref
Firebird has a pref for this.  Since Firebird will eventually become the primary browser, I'm satisfied that this bug is now resolved.
kevin: are you sure that checkbox does what you think f7 does? i can't imagine
it does.
Assignee: aaronlev5 →
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Keyboard: Navigation → XP Apps: GUI Features
Whiteboard: To fix or not to fix, that is the question
CC'ing Help owner to double-check on documentation status.
Neil, there is no documentation on Caret browsing other than a keyboard
shortcut, and no plans to create any as of now. If you would like to make some,
go right ahead!

Daniel Wang might be interested in making some documentation, if you don't have
anybody to write it.

Now if you're talking Firebird Help (which is outside of Help Systems), there is
some documentation on the prefs in the prefs.xhtml help file, if you want to use
that as a base, go right ahead! It is documentation David Tenser contributed to
FB Help Viewer from his Firefox Help site.
Product: Core → Mozilla Application Suite
Component: XP Apps: GUI Features → UI Design
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Caret browsing preferences are now in Advanced->Keyboard Navigation->Browse with Caret (SeaMonkey 2.1pre)
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