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Disabled date input shows wrong value when cleared programatically


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Steps to reproduce:

  • Choose or set a valid value to a date input
  • Disable the input (set attribute 'disabled' at the input element)
  • Uses JavaScript to clear the value by assigning and empty string to the 'value' property (when selected at Inspector, $0.value = '').
  • (example as a fiddle

Actual results:

  • The input shows still the previously choosen date, as is nothing happened.
  • But the 'value' property reports to be an empty string.
  • And the 'valueAsDate' reports to be a null value.

Expected results:

  • The input should display as empty (no date displayed)
  • (note that, if rather an empty string another valid date is set, the display updates properly).

It happens at Nightly "80.0a1 (2020-07-21) (64-bit)" too.

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Component: DOM: Core & HTML → Widget
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I think this should stay in DOM, it does not sound like a widget (rendering) bug.

Component: Widget → DOM: Core & HTML
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clearInputFields() in datetimebox.js is no-op when the element is disabled (isEditable() is false when disabled), so the component.

Component: DOM: Core & HTML → Widget

Oh, but Widget is about OS level widgets. This is more like a toolkit issue or Core & HTML or Layout.
The parent process side of form elements is vague.

Component: Widget → Layout: Form Controls

Fun. It's not really a layout issue though (unless it had to do with widget sizing or styling). Generally the agreement we've had is that functionality of non-OS level widgets would stay in DOM: Core & HTML. I'll leave in Layout for now since we're touching form controls in various ways soon.

Severity: -- → S3
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Taking this as I already found the cause in comment #5.

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Clear disabled/readonly datetime input fields r=smaug
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Duplicate of this bug: 1465979
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