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[DoH] Heuristics telemetry event is using max allowed extra key count


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Firefox 80
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We currently have 10 extra keys on the telemetry event, which is the limit. This prevents us from easily adding a new heuristic or a network ID key.

We need to capture these results in a more sustainable way. I can see a few options:

  1. Set up boolean histograms for each heuristic.
  2. Send a separate event for each heuristic.
  3. Use scalar counts to track only disable_doh results for each heuristic.

My order of preference would be 3 > 1 > 2. It depends on what questions we want to answer. So far, we've been looking at overall rate of enabling/disabling doh, and comparing the individual heuristic trip-rates with each other. This makes me think option 3) should suffice.

Tim, Dragana, Nhi, do you have any thoughts on this?

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Summary: [DoH] Revamp heuristics telemetry event format → [DoH] Heuristics event is using max allowed extra key count
Summary: [DoH] Heuristics event is using max allowed extra key count → [DoH] Heuristics telemetry event is using max allowed extra key count

Uh, actually, I think a categorical histogram is what I want.

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Option 4 is a more compact event serialization, which it looks like we're rolling with. :) I wave my data steward hands at this and assert that it's isomorphic to the existing collection and the prior approval in bug 1553700 applies.

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[DoH] Group heuristics results into three categories to reduce extra key count in telemetry. r=Gijs,tdsmith
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