Open Bug 1654776 Opened 2 months ago

Improve the automation of filling a regression


(Tree Management :: Perfherder, enhancement)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: alexandrui, Unassigned)


For the moment, there are only some fields automatically filed:

  • Summary
  • CC
  • Description
  • keywords
  • status whiteboard

Need to be automated the following:

  • Bug type (it's always defect)
  • CC (add asignee, reporter and triage owner from culprit)
  • Severity
  • Blocks (current regression tracking bug)
  • needinfo (asignee of the culprit)
  • release-flag

All of those can be set at the creation of the bug by query-params, except the release-flag. It can be only set when modifying the bug (it is hidden under a button that can't be controlled by query-params. The edit bug screen is showing it properly).

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