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Dumping ground for local debugging patches


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I have some local patches that provide useful info when debugging, but are hard to get into a landable state. I'm going to use this bug to store them, because all my other attempts at managing these patches invariably end up with me losing track of them. Also if they're on a bug other people can pull them too so maybe it will be more useful that way.

This adds a unique guid to each display item, and propagates that all the
way through the WR display list pipeline and back out to the APZ hit-test
code. So when APZ does a hit-test, you can see exactly which Gecko display
item it hit.

This makes WR log a bunch of internal state/process for each hit-test,
and return it along with the hit-test result. The APZ side can then
dump it as needed.

Depends on D85412

does this belong in graphics component?

Flags: needinfo?(andrei.purice)

No, it's not a bug in the usual sense of being something actionable.

Flags: needinfo?(andrei.purice)

This bug lies at rest in the graveyard.

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