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Delete history older than x


(Toolkit :: Data Sanitization, enhancement, P5)

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Steps to reproduce:

Searched the internet for a long time. Also tried going to History -> "older than 6 months" -> Delete which hung the browser and nothing got deleted (about 30k items)

Actual results:

Nothing... still have complete history

Expected results:

I should be able to:

  • easily remove history older than ("clean history" option in firefox)
  • be able to configure Firefox to store items only of maximum age (history/cookies) - why on earth I would need history older than, let's say, 6 months?!

Hi, this sounds like an enhancement, I will set a component to have a starting point for this. If this is not the right component please feel free to route this ticket to the corresponding team, thanks!

Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
Ever confirmed: true
Component: Bookmarks & History → Data Sanitization
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

The ClearDataService, at least partially, has this capability:
However, we don't expose this to the UI and there is no automated way to clear data of a specific age.

For the performance issue, see Bug 734643.

Severity: -- → N/A
Priority: -- → P5
See Also: → 734643
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