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System Tray icon goes away, doesn't come back in Mozilla 1.1


(Core Graveyard :: QuickLaunch (AKA turbo mode), defect)

Windows XP
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Despite the fact that I have my preferences set to keep Mozilla loaded in
memory, it doesn't load up to the system tray if I right-click the systray icon
and choose exit.  I have to open Mozilla's advanced prefs, uncheck the box for
memory-residence, close prefs, reopen them, check the box, and close them again.
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Assignee: waterson → law
Component: XP Miscellany → QuickLaunch (AKA turbo mode)
QA Contact: brendan → gbush
Doesn't picking "exit" from the systray icon shut down mozilla completely
(including shutting off quicklaunch?).  In other words, I think what you're
seeing is the correct behavior.
I meant to mention this the first time, forgot to:  Yes, picking "Exit" will
close the program out completely.

But when you start Mozilla up the next time, it should go back into the system
tray as memory resident, which it is NOT doing.  This is what I meant by saying
that I have to go into the Prefs, uncheck, exit prefs, open prefs, check, close
prefs.  It's a somewhat cumbersome action to have to bring it back to
memory-resident status.
I cannot confirm this on Win2000- may be XP issue.  Will check on XP machine at

You are correct in expected behavior- you should not see this unless   you
choose 'disable QL' from context menu.  And if you do that pref should be
unchecked when you look at- neither seems to be happening :(
My experience here is slightly different. With QL enabled, I close MZ 1.1. At
this point the icon *disappears* from the system tray; but reappears after a few
seconds (presumably when the program has been put into memory). It also
seems to me that putting the program away like this takes significantly longer
in MZ 1.1 than it did in 1.0. Are we sure that QL is working correctly in this

(MZ1.1 on Win2k, sp3).

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I reopened this bug because it is NOT the same as bug #146340.  That remarks
about how the QL icon disappears after the last window is closed, then comes
back aftef a few seconds.  This bug is completely different.

I'll try to describe it as best I can:

With QL enabled, and no Moz windows open, I will sometimes right-click the icon
and choose "Exit Mozilla."  Under what I assume to be correct circumstances,
this will unload turbo mode until Mozilla is launched from its normal icon (such
as on the desktop), and then the quicklaunch icon will come back as soon as
Mozilla is loaded into memory again, since the Preferences state that Moz will
stay in turbo mode.

But this isn't what happens.

If you right-click the turbo icon and choose Exit, then launch Mozilla again,
the turbo icon doesn't appear.  In order to MAKE the quicklaunch icon appear
again, you have to go into Preferences->Advanced, uncheck the box for turbo
mode, click OK, re-open Preferences->Advanced, CHECK the box again, then click
OK.  Only THEN will the quicklaunch icon show up again, and work as intended.
Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---
right, what you want is [x] remain resident after launch.

there's a bug for it somewhere. quicklaunch doesn't mean that we actually have a
patch to fix the description so that people will understand that.

for now just change all of your shortcuts to include -turbo.
Whiteboard: DUPEME
sorry about the dupe- was responding to comment #5-
I do not see the problem here on XP - next launch puts icon in tray again 
I experience this problem as well.  I am using 2002091008 on W2K.  The problem
has been around for weeks at least.
In my opinion, this bug is in need of urgent fixing as the Quick Launch feature
is very important in keeping parity with the Internet Explorer startup time for
those who want this.  And the better this works, the more likely it can be
enabled by default and give an immediate user experience improvement.  Mozilla's
slow starting time is a big turn-off to many people from what I've seen (though
not myself).

Why did this get broken and then ignored so easily in the first place?!
Ever confirmed: true

can you try with a new nightly build?  cannot reproduce here with newer builds
Just installed build #2002091014 (1.2 alpha), and it still happens.  Exiting out
of Mozilla, waiting for the turbo icon to come back, then right-clicking it and
choosing Exit, then re-opening Mozilla does not make the turbo icon come back
until I go into Preferences->Advanced, uncheck the box and then check it again.

I wonder, though, if it will come back on its own, though, if I close Mozilla
again without going into Preferences....
Well, I just tried doing what I suggested a minute ago, and couldn't bring the
icon back just by cloing and re-opening Mozilla.  I did, however, realize that
you don't have to uncheck and recheck the Turbo Mode checkbox in Advanced
Properties, though.  All that's necessary is that you open Preferences and click
on Advanced, then OK.  It will pop the turbo icon back up immediately.
found it!  this is duplicate of bug 150280

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 150280 ***
Closed: 22 years ago22 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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