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Get rid of `virtualMemorySize` in ProcInfo


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The current definition of virtualMemorySize in windows/ProcInfo.cpp is set to PagefileUsage, which is entirely unrelated to virtual memory size. We should entirely get rid of this statistics on all platforms because we have no scenario in which it can be useful in the first place. If we ever need it, we'll reimplement it correctly.

The objective of this bug is to:

  1. change the definitions of structs in ChromeUtils.webidl to remove field virtualMemorySize entirely;
  2. during a rebuild, this will cause a number of compilation issues, fix these by removing all instances of VirtualMemorySize at the site of errors;
  3. fix the test browser_test_procinfo.js to remove virtualMemorySize.
Mentor: dteller
Summary: Either fix `virtualMemorySize` under Windows or get rid of it entirely → Get rid of `virtualMemorySize` in ProcInfo
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Assignee: nobody → smurfd

Hey, i will have a look at this, and let you know if i run into problems :)

Hi. just attached a patch that i hope looks okey.
Ran the test afterwards and all passed.
Let me know how it looks?

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Hi Nicklas, thanks for the patch!
Have you tried building Firefox after making this change?

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Oops, my bad, I didn't look at the right patch. This looks like it should work!

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Get rid of `virtualMemorySize` in ProcInfo r=Yoric

Thanks david :)

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