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Pdf page white while loading on increased zoom levels


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, defect)




Tracking Status
firefox80 --- wontfix
firefox81 --- wontfix
firefox82 --- fix-optional


(Reporter: cfogel, Unassigned)


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Affected versions

  • 80.0, 81.0b2, 82.0a1(2020-08-25)

Affected platforms

  • macOS 11.0, Ubuntu 20

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch Firefox;
  2. Access this attachment;
  3. Zoom in a couple of times;

Expected result

  • zoom in/out works without issues;

Actual result

  • past a point, zoom-ing in renders the page blank for a couple of seconds;

Regression range

  • will check and provide one asap;

Additional notes

  • since the content is displayed after some time, the suggested severity is bumped down to S4;
  • attached recording with the issue.
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Has STR: --- → yes
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Severity: -- → S3
Whiteboard: [pdfjs-d-zoom]

(In reply to Cristian Fogel, QA [:cfogel] from comment #0)

Regression range

  • will check and provide one asap;

Any luck?

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This doesn't seem to be a regression as I got way back to builds from 2014 and there, the pdf page was flashing at every zoom in or out on Ubuntu 20.04.

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Reproduced it on Win10x64 with 86.0a1(20201216093604) as well

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