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About Throttling


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Steps to reproduce:

My Firefox crashed but did not submit the crash report.

Actual results:

I tried to manually send the report, and the system gave me
the message: About Throttling

Expected results:

If Mozilla does not need the report, I, the user, still want to know what happened.
How else can I fix or understand what went wrong?

I tried to manually send the report

How exactly? Could you please provide steps to reproduce, step by step?

and the system gave me the message: About Throttling

Which system? Firefox itself? Some website?

I clicked on the unsubmitted report. It did not change. I opened it in a new tab and got:

About Throttling

You're seeing this page because the crash report you selected was held back from submission. For statistical purposes, we don't need every crash report and sometimes we decline the submission of a crash report as a form of throttling. If you'd like to see your crash report, type about:crashes into your location bar and your report will be automatically submitted to our server where we'll give it priority processing.

Thank you for reporting your crashes.

So how do I find out what is in the report?

Attached image crash.PNG

Hi Fred,

Can you input the report id?
If pressing submit, it won't work either? Do you have the "view button" enabled?


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The report is on my firefox profile.
When I press the 'Submit' button, it says 'Failed.'
I don't see a 'View Button.'

Flags: needinfo?(FredMcD)

Can you attach a screen capture of your about:crashes section? Or include the report ID?

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10/8/20 6:43 AM
9/20/20 7:21 PM
9/9/20 11:18 AM
9/7/20 8:14 PM
9/2/20 9:47 PM
8/31/20 9:06 PM

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Attached image zzxx crash Capture.JPG
Attached image zzxx crash Capture.JPG

Sorry wrong picture from v54

Thanks, Setting a component for this in order to get the dev team involved.
(If the team feels it's an incorrect one please feel free to change it to a more appropriate one.)

Best regards,

Component: Untriaged → Crash Reporting
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

Others reporting the same issue.


In comment #8, you say "Sorry wrong picture from v54". What version of Firefox were you using when it crashed?

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Both. v54 (you probably don't want/need these) and the current Firefox.
As I said above, while the system may not want/need a type of report, I
the user would like to know the reason/cause so I can fix the issue.

Flags: needinfo?(FredMcD)

How am I supposed to know why Firefox (current) is crashing if I can't get a report?

Unsubmitted Crash Reports
Report ID Date Crashed
3045d738-f789-4583-bd32-f7fcc5363225 10/13/2021, 10:00 PM
a5504473-1f5c-4359-b047-8f702d32dbb1 10/5/2021, 8:27 AM
16cce130-6868-4a95-9149-6a0b2c52d852 9/23/2021, 11:13 PM
c6f83e54-4414-4f83-a743-131642d14b88 9/7/2021, 1:33 PM
96eba6c5-8b1c-4e0d-b7d8-f77f086efe95 8/13/2021, 6:44 AM
f98ebb5a-1882-402f-8577-ca7988572182 8/8/2021, 6:36 AM
2340dec6-90dc-4560-8e99-5cd2b064795e 8/6/2021, 9:15 AM
0778c0a9-e641-407d-be4a-a24b106da9c3 7/22/2021, 7:05 PM

Several v95 users having problems submitting crash reports.

Ever confirmed: true

Of late, a number of users have said they can't submit their crash reports.

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