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Whole facebook page flickers when scrolling through news feed


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Firefox 82





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Steps to reproduce:

  • after logging in at I was informed my account was migrated to the new react based frontend

Actual results:

When scrolling the newsfeed, the whole facebook page flickers which is rather irritating and ugly:

Keeping in mind is such a high traffic / widely used page, I thought reporting it would be a good idea.

I see the flicker with:

  • The "classic" OpenGL backend
  • The "classic" Basic (skia) backend
  • WebRender (Software) - despite the flicker, this backend is also extremly slow

My system is a HP Elitebook 2540p (1st gen Core i5, Arrandale) running Linux.

Expected results:

The page should scroll withought flicker and fast, just like with Chrome.

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in the meantime I switched to a new laptop which supports webrender - where is see the flicker too.
however beacause the new machine paints way faster, it is far less distracting.

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