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Testing commands should all be able to easily invoke the gecko profiler with a common interface


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In mochitests I introduced the --profiler flag, however Talos uses --gecko-profiler. I would prefer to only have --profiler. In addition, the settings are exposed through various flags. I would prefer to remove all of these settings, and ONLY rely the environment variables. In the mochitests I documented this like so:

  --profiler            Run the Firefox Profiler and get a performance profile
                        of the mochitest. This is useful to find performance
                        issues, and also to see what exactly the test is
                        doing. To get profiler options run:
                        `MOZ_PROFILER_HELP=1 ./mach run`
  --profiler-save-only  Run the Firefox Profiler and save it to the path
                        specified by the MOZ_UPLOAD_DIR environment variable.

Maybe out of scope for this bug, but it would be nice if mach run --profiler also started the profiler. Currently it starts the build and passes the command line parameter to it, which results in "Warning: unrecognized command line flag -profiler" in the browser console.

That would probably good to do as well. We can file additional bugs for each command that should support the argument.

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