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Fix under-reporting of printing errors in telemetry


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In PrintUtils._displayPrintingError we record print error telemetry for errors that occur in the platform code when trying to create and reflow the print/print preview document. As far as I can tell we do not have any equivalent code to report errors that occur in the frontend code, or specifically errors that occur when trying to gather printer capabilities in the frontend code. We therefore have no idea how common these are.

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What calls are expected to return errors?

Would it be the unrwiteable margins [1] and printer support/settings [2]? These promises would reject I suppose?

Is there a list of errors we should be expecting?


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We'll really need to audit the code to answer that question, but basically gathering printer information is unreliable at almost any point. So the nsIPrinterList interface and the other interfaces accessed via it could all potentially fail.

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Flags: needinfo?(jwatt)

If at some point we find that the printing error rate is higher with the new UI than the old UI, in addition to the work being done in this bug, we should also be catching more printing errors due to the more robust code described in bug 1653340 comment 11.

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