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Forward and back buttons lose context


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Steps to reproduce:

Navigate to this page:
Read the page.

Actual results:

When I return to the tab some time later. The tab is on this page instead:
I enable the required cookie, but can't navigate back to the original page because it is gone from my back button history, which just has a few cookieAbsent pages, under the forward and back buttons.

Expected results:

I should be able to back out of the cookieAbsent page to my original context.

I left the page open for a couple of hours but the tab remain the same when I returned to it.
For how long should I leave the page open?

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Thanks for cheking. I'm not sure how I triggered the problem, we had lost power at some point recently, so perhaps a restarted session, but here is a test case:

  1. I used a "new private window" for this test. Navigate to:

  2. Click on the lock icon: see that cookie permission is allowed, click the X to disallow cookie. Firefox responds by saying it may be necessary to reload the page.

  3. Hit the reload button

  4. Now the browser's history has two items:
about:private browsing

The original URI is lost.

  1. Paste the original URI into location bar again, and again it is converted to the cookieAbsent URI. Whatever mechanism is used to send me to the cookieAbsent URI seems to be scrubbing the original URI from the history.

Now, I'm trying to repeat my test with more pages in my history, but I don't know how to re-allow the cookie for "". Clicking "manage protection settings", under the blocked cookie, in the location bar drop down, brings up Preferences, and is "allowed" under "Exceptions - Cookies and Site Data", but the cookie is actually blocked in both private and normal browser sessions, perhaps this is a separate bug. I'll try restarting (later) to see if this helps.

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Assigning "Core: DOM: Navigation" component for this issue.

Component: Untriaged → DOM: Navigation
Product: Firefox → Core

What does "see that cookie permission is allowed, click the X to disallow cookie." mean?
But the page itself can of course detect some missing cookie and replace the current url using history.replaceState for example.

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