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Remove excluded files from black.yml


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These files were excluded from auto-formatting since black introduces errors that conflict with other lints; they should be manually removed from this list after noqa'ing the relevant lines.

Looks like the flake8 and black linters disagree about what the maximum line length should be (black will reformat lines to be 100 characters long, but flake8 wants every line to be at most 99 characters). This introduces issues in files like taskcluster/taskgraph/transforms/ Not sure if there's a configuration that needs to be updated somewhere?

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what about updating the flake8 config to be 100?
It is defined here:

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These files were omitted from the original patch because reformatting them required some manual intervention in order to avoid breaking unit tests. Generally the noqa lines were already there and just needed to be moved from one line to another (due to the reformatting by black), but sometimes black saw fit to move a bunch of stuff all onto one line, requiring me to introduce new noqa lines.

Besides the autoformat by black and some manual fixups, this patch contains no other changes.

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Remove excluded files from `black.yml` r=sylvestre,perftest-reviewers,geckoview-reviewers,agi
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Backed out changeset 94ec15429e21 for Backout conflicts with Bug 1654103. CLOSED TREE
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Remove excluded files from `black.yml` r=sylvestre,perftest-reviewers,geckoview-reviewers,agi
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Remove excluded files from `black.yml`
Flags: needinfo?(rstewart)
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