Open Bug 1672307 Opened 4 years ago Updated 3 years ago

Consider exposing a means of showing the approximate binary size impact of a given file


(Webtools :: Searchfox, enhancement)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: asuth, Unassigned)



While re-reading the dev-platform thread about Chrome-only WebIDL interfaces at in which concerns are expressed about the impact of WebIDL binding sizes versus XPCOM, it occurred to me that perhaps Searchfox might be able to help people better quantify the binary-size impact of various source files.

I don't have a specific proposal for how to get the data or the UX at this time and am filing this as a placeholder. But I do want to make clear that I would consider this low-priority information (compared to "hey, this test is disabled and never runs" which I consider at least medium-priority).

See Also: → xpidl-warts

I was thinking recently about also exposing other "file stats" like "how many downstream cpp files will get rebuilt if you touch this header". Maybe a collapsible details box in the nav panel or something. UX is always the hardest.

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