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[Bug] Listening to youtube in the background goes white


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From github:

Steps to reproduce

Enable 'video background play fix' extension.
View a long video for example
Lock the screen and continue listening.
After some time unlock the screen. 5 or 10 min should be fine.

Expected behavior

I can see the web page

Actual behavior

everything is white

Device information

  • Android device: one plus 5t
  • Fenix version: nightly

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Tried to reproduce on GVE in the emulator but can't. I'll try on the latest nightly and GVE on my phone.

I was able to reproduce it in the first beta of Firefox 83.0
This also happens when you change a video in a playlist, the strange thing is that if you click where the YouTube logo should be it works even if nothing appears (min 1:10)

I forgot... I do some changes in about:config if you dont do that YouTube doesn't play automatically

dom.suspend_inactive.enabled to False
media.suspend-bkgnd-video.enabled to False

I don't think the about config changes are needed anymore

This sounds a little like what I've seen in bug 1670069.

Component: Extensions → Audio/Video: Playback
Product: GeckoView → Core

Attaching logcat output from GH bug (not my log, but figured it may be useful for debugging).

I haven't been able to repro. In nighlty and current beta I can get the music to keep playing after locking my phone without any extra config, but the page renders okay on resume.

Based on the images in the GH issue this looks gfx related. The whole page being white suggests we're not rendering anything. Moving to gfx.

Component: Audio/Video: Playback → Graphics

this stopped reproducing for about a week. I think we can close this. I'm the original reporter on gh

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:jimm, could you have a look please?

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