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Skeleton UI appears when clicking links in other apps


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(Reporter: yoasif, Assigned: dthayer)


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(Keywords: nightly-community, Whiteboard: [skeleton-ui-experiment-blocker] )


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Noticed that Firefox shows the skeleton UI when clicking on links when Firefox is the default browser, instead of directly opening the link I clicked on.

  1. Set Firefox as default browser
  2. Click on a link in Thunderbird

What happens:

Skeleton UI appears, then opens the link.

Expected result:

Link opens directly.

Blocks: 1665451
Depends on: 1672790

Looks like we're tracking these skeleton UI bugs in Firefox::General, so can you set a priority and severity?

Flags: needinfo?(dothayer)
Severity: -- → S3
Flags: needinfo?(dothayer)
Priority: -- → P3
Assignee: nobody → dothayer
Whiteboard: [skeleton-ui-experiment-blocker]

We don't want to show the skeleton UI if there is already an instance of
Firefox running for that install. Accordingly, we implement something
similar to the profile lock, acquiring exclusive access to
~/AppData/Local/Mozilla/Firefox/SkeletonUILock-<installHash>. If we do not do
this, then when a user clicks firefox.exe while an existing instance is
running, under default conditions we will open the skeleton UI, then
almost immediately terminate and send a message to the existing instance to
open a new window.

Pushed by
Only allow one skeleton UI per instance of an install r=mhowell,cmartin
Closed: 10 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 85 Branch

The patch landed in nightly and beta is affected.
:dthayer, is this bug important enough to require an uplift?
If not please set status_beta to wontfix.

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Flags: needinfo?(dothayer)
Flags: needinfo?(dothayer)
QA Whiteboard: [qa-85b-p2]
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