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Print Problem on EPSON LX-310 After Update 82.0


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Firefox 82





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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:82.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/82.0

Steps to reproduce:

Printing my invoice with EPSON LX 310 as usual

Actual results:

Printing result just only half of the paper width

Expected results:

Before i update the version to 82, printing result is full of the paper width

Component: Untriaged → Printing: Output
Product: Firefox → Core

Can you open the page about:support, click the "Copy text to clipboard" button, come back to this bug, click the "Attach New File" button above, and paste and submit that troubleshooting information?

After you've done that, it would also be very good to know what the paper size values Firefox 81 had. If you don't mind doing the following that would also be very helpful:

  1. download Firefox 81
  2. close Firefox 82
  3. install Firefox 81
  4. open Firefox 81
  5. open the page about:config
  6. type in "EPSON" to filter to only show the preferences relevant to your printer
  7. delete all the preferences for your printer using the "bin"/"trash" icon to the right of them
  8. print something to your printer
  9. repeat the steps from comment 1 to attach your about:support information
  10. additionally from about:support:
  11. find "Profile Folder" on that page, and click the "Open Folder" button to the right
  12. open the file "prefs.js" (just called "prefs" if file extensions are hidden)
  13. copy all the lines that contain "print."
  14. come back to this bug
  15. click the "Attach New Attachment" button
  16. paste and submit those prefs

Need-info'ing reporter just in case. Please see comment 1 and comment 2.

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Attached file prefs.js
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We have newer versions (82.0.1 and 82.0.2) that may fix this issue. Would you mind trying with the newer version to see if this fixes your problem?

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(In reply to Sean Voisen (:svoisen) from comment #7)

We have newer versions (82.0.1 and 82.0.2) that may fix this issue. Would you mind trying with the newer version to see if this fixes your problem?

Sorry for late response I have tried latest version of firefox 82.0.2 but the result still same

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I suspect the paper width of 8.26 in your settings is incorrect. Could you try going to about:support and clicking the "Clear saved print settings" button? That will wipe out the modified settings for your printer, which Firefox will then try to use the defaults.

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The "Clear saved print settings" button will only be added to about:support as of Firefox 83 so Welly can't use that currently.

Welly, you'll need to open about:config, type in "print_paper" and delete the settings for the affected printer(s). That's certainly the first thing to try.

That said, I suspect that the prefs.js information you attached was from 82 instead of 81. If deleting the prefs as described in the previous paragraph doesn't fix things for you, and if the prefs.js information you attached may have come from 82, the next step would be to get that information for Firefox 81, first checking that printing is still working correctly for you in that version of Firefox after downgrading.

Sorry this is such a pain. :-(

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Welly, it would be good to know whether this is still an issue for you, even if you don't have time to carry out the extra investigative steps from comment 10. I'm going to close this as "incomplete" for now but we can reopen it if we get more information.

Closed: 8 months ago
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