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Missing includes in generated bindings CPP files


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In case a call to DropJSObjects is generated in the cpp file, mozilla/HoldDropJSObjects.h must be included.

Andrew, if you could provide some guidance on how to add that around, I could probably provide a patch.

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Does this need to be added in CGEventRoot::__init__, e.g.?

A similar issue is that when a DeprecationWarning call is generated at, an include for mozilla/dom/Document.h is missing in the generated cpp file, which defines the enum for deprecated operations.

(In reply to Simon Giesecke [:sg] [he/him] from comment #3)

Does this need to be added in CGEventRoot::__init__, e.g.?

Yeah, it looks like we only add a call to DropJSObjects in the definition of a CGEventClass, when self.membersNeedingTrace is non-empty. CGEventRoot::__init__ looks like it is the only thing that uses that, and it already had a CGHeaders in there, so you could add the header to the 6th argument to that. I don't know if it is worthwhile to try to include it only when it is needed, given that this is only for the cpp file but I guess you could assign the CGEventClass to a local and check the members needing trace member?

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