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Thunderbird crashes after 78.4 Update (w/OpenPGP)


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Steps to reproduce:

I started Thunderbird this morning. A message in an extra tab is shown, showing me that Thunderbird has been updated and asking me to migrate from Enigmail to the new GPG/PGP module (?). I started the migration, at the end, I gave permission to restart as asked. Before there is a message, that some of my keys could not be imported. (Unfortunately the keys are only named by a lengthy hash, so i couldnt identify them)

After restart, the password for Thunderbird is requested, I type in the password and submit. Then I can see the Thunbird UI, a second tab with an opened message. After a sec and before I can click on anything Thunderbird is closing. No messages are shown, the screen is just gone.
Starting w/STR (Safe mode) does not make a difference, Thunderbird crashes.

Actual results:

Thunderbird crashes. I cant work with it any more.

Expected results:

Thunderbird starts normally

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Thanks for asking, I forget to mention, that there is no visible crash reporter. In %APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Crash Reports\ there is only one file (with timestamp of today), called InstallTime20201019003438, its contents is just a bunch of numbers: 1604322938 and an empty subdir called "events"

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I could help me out by creating a new profile (and re-importing) the old profile to make Thunderbird run.

I could narrow down the problem: Actually it was the second tab with an message, which has been PGP encrypted. That causes the crash.

Even after I reseted the session settings and could work with Thunderbird (because the 2nd tab is not opened at start up anymore), the moment I select another encrypted message, Thunderbird closes instantly without any error message (same behaviour as described before).

I've checked and redone the Enigmail migration. No success.

Component: Untriaged → Security: OpenPGP
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core

We need the crash id, which you should be able to find under Help | Troubleshooting information

Hi Magnus, thanks for asking. As mentioned before, the strange thing is, that there are no crash reports. I just reproduced the problem, then checked Help > Troubleshooting > Crash Reports: There are no crash reports. Same is if I look up %APPDATA%\Thunderbird\Crash Reports\

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Nothing we can do without a crash report. Please reopen if you get one.

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