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[object] Support <param name="PLUGINURL" ...>


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Submitting bug to track the coding to support pluginspage in param element.

The param element coding:
<param name="pluginspage" value="path to xpi file">

The default plug-in functionality should be the same as with the embed element
and the codebase attribute hack. This is to provide a mechanism to phase out the
codebade attribute hack.
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [PL2:NA]
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.2beta
Arun corrected my mistake in requesting pluginspage instead of pluginsurl. So,
the request should be to use pluginsurl. I have updated the Summary to reflect
that change.

Arun also pointed me to an historical reference of the use:

Thanks Arun!
Summary: Support <param name="pluginspage" ...> → Support <param name="pluginsurl" ...>
Attached patch patch v.1Splinter Review
This patch will look for PLUGINURL (singular) in the PARAM tags of OBJECT tags
instead of CODEBASE. The default plugins are already setup to look for this.
According to the spec here:

The name value should be singluar ___PLUGINURL__


Anthony, can I get a review?
Keywords: patch, review
Summary: Support <param name="pluginsurl" ...> → [object] Support <param name="PLUGINURL" ...>
r=anthonyd, looks good.
Should both PLUGINSPAGE and PLUGINURL be supported, as the reference from Arun
about Netscape 4.x documents? That would provide the advantage of allowing an
unambiguous method of specifying whether the URI points to an XPI package or a
human-readable download instruction page.

PLUGINURL could also be used by other browsers that don't support any automatic
download/installation, and by Mozilla for those cases when the XPI installation
fails (say, because the XPI doesn't contain a plugin compatible with the user's

(From )
specifies the URL that contains the instructions for installing the plug-in if
it is not already installed.

is the URL of a Java Archive (JAR) file, which is a compressed collection of
files that can be signed.
Peter S: see bug 169743 (just opened for pluginspage support
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patch v.1

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Comment on attachment 99228 [details] [diff] [review]
patch v.1

(from comments)
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The relevant comment in the patch still refers to pluginspage:

+    // if we didn't find a PluginsPage param on the object tag, 
+    // there's nothing more to do here
+    if(nsPluginTagType_Object == tagType && !bHasPluginURL)
       return rv;

That should probably be changed to PluginURL to avoid confusing things...
comment fixed and patch checked into the trunk, marking FIXED
Closed: 18 years ago
Keywords: review
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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