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PiP (Picture in picture) does not support tracks


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firefox84 --- affected


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If you are watching a video with tracks, e.g. subtitles, when you switch to PiP (Picture in Picture) mode the tracks do not remain.

You should expect to continue watching the video with subtitles.

Reference and demo

Do we have any discussion before about showing subtitle on PIP video? The way we display subtitle is to create a div box, which contains all the div elements for subtile, and append that box under the video display area [1] (here is where we get the area [2]). We also need to consider the size of video control, in order to calculate the proper position for subtitles.

So if we want to do that (showing subtitle on PIP video), we have to know the new display area that PIP window uses. Then we also need to know the size of whole control UI box (I would regard those icons as a whole).

In addition, do we want to show a caption button on PIP video?

Thank you.


Blocks: webvtt
Severity: -- → S3
Type: defect → enhancement
Flags: needinfo?(mconley)
Priority: -- → P3
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