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Documentation of Privacy Review for AdObserver


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This bug is intended to document the privacy and security diligence carried out for the AdObserver, which collects ads from users' feeds on Facebook and provides those ads to researchers and journalists studying disinformation on the platform.

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Mozilla has twice carried out privacy & security diligence of the AdObserver, doing both a code review and privacy review of the user consent flow to ensure users understand what they are installing. Our first review was conducted in September 2018, when we examined an earlier version of the extension. That earlier version was subsequently merged with other ad reporting tools, resulting in some changes to the code base. Our second review of the updated extension was carried out in early October 2020 and again involved both a code review and privacy review.

In both cases the team responsible for this add-on responded quickly to our feedback, made changes to their code, and demonstrated a commitment to the privacy of their users.

In addition, Jason Chuang has documented the privacy design and data collection of the AdObserver. That design and data collection is consistent with the AdObserver's public privacy policy and is intended to ensure users personal information is not collected by the extension. Jason, can you please include a copy of that document in this bug?

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