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[meta] Cleanup backward compatibility code


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(Depends on 3 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

With the agreement that was reached on Bug 1673535, we should now be able to easily search for backward compatibility code and when they were added. This gives us the opportunity to cleanup such code in each cycle.
A bug should be filed for each cycle cleanup (whose version is N), where one would search for @backward-compat and evaluate what needs to be done for each instance where in the {added in XX}, XX <= N-2.
So if we're in cycle 90, we could remove all code where the comment says it was added in 88 or older (this is the current rule we have, but it might change in the future).

Depends on: 1677946
Depends on: 1682761
Depends on: 1688230
Depends on: 1688231
Summary: [META] Cleanup backward compatibility code → [meta] Cleanup backward compatibility code
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