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turning off/disconnecting blutooth speaker causes reader view Ttext-to-speach to not work till full restart of firefox


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Steps to reproduce:

have webpage open in reader-view, blutooth speaker(alexa-echo) paired to system, using the text to speech playing thru blutooth speaker(alexa-echo), stop the tts, disable system blutooth,
start the tts> not working
hard reload the page, back to reader veiw, start the tts> not working
clear the cache, hard reload the page, back to reader veiw, start the tts> not working

Actual results:

start the tts>>>> not working
the icon changes but nothing else happens
hard reload the page, back to reader veiw, start the tts>>>>not working
clear the cache, hard reload the page, back to reader veiw, start the tts>>>> not working

Expected results:

refreshing the page should have fixed it, or at least poped up a alert asking to restart whatever code tts is using when refreshing when reader-view is active

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Component: Untriaged → Reader Mode
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

It seems like Windows' Text-to-Speech system may still be trying to output to the bluetooth speaker. Eitan, does that sound right to you?

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Yeah. I think that may be a windows bug?

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Yes, this might be a problem in the OS. One way to confirm this would be to try to use the Narrate feature in Windows to see if this also reproduces the issue.

Here is an article that describes how to use Narrator:

zgames.mail - would you be able to try the same STR, but using Narrate rather than Firefox, to determine if the issue is in the Windows OS layer, or in our usage of the text-to-speech engine?

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Without more details unfortunately we can't move forward here - we can reopen it if we have more details about how to reproduce / indicating we're mismanaging the TTS here or something.

Closed: 3 years ago
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was probably something on my end, can no longer reproduce the issue. might have been something about how many tabs i had open, i have also messed with the windows audio settings, manually configured firefox's audio device to speakers/headphones and back to Default.

narrator also is working fine

if it was the number of tabs, be assured that no one with a reasonable number of tabs open will experience this. ~18 windows 1999 tabs

thank you for your time anyway, sorry for the trouble.

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