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Low Ink/toner levels notification should be displayed on the new modal as well


(Toolkit :: Printing, enhancement, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox84 --- affected
firefox85 --- affected


(Reporter: vlucaci, Unassigned)


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(Whiteboard: [print2020] [old-ui-] )


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Affected versions

  • 85.0a1
  • 84.0b5

Affected platforms

  • Windows 10x64
  • macOS 10.15.7
  • Ubuntu 20.04


  • Have low toner/ink levels on the printer in use.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch FF
  2. Go to any random webpage.
  3. CTRL+P.

Expected result/Enhancement Suggestion

  • As per system modal, a Status field is displayed, stating that the printer in use is low on ink/toner.

Actual result

  • No information is displayed in the new modal in regards to the ink levels on the printer.

Suggested Severity

  • S4 since the user is notified via old modal and on Windows 10 by a system pop-up notification.

Additional notes

  • This addition would greatly improve on the quality of the UX , since the user will know before committing to a lengthy(or any for that matter) print job that his ink/toner levels are low.


As per mentioned above in the additional notes section, this would greatly improve the UX as per seen in attachment provided below from macOS 10.15.7 system modal.

The user would very much benefit from this, especially if using color cartridges which are expensive

Sending this over to frontend since this is their decision to make, not the Platform team's.

Component: Print Preview → Printing
Product: Core → Toolkit
Whiteboard: [print2020_v85] [old-ui-] → [print2020_v87] [old-ui-]
Severity: -- → S4
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [print2020_v87] [old-ui-] → [print2020_v88] [old-ui-]
Whiteboard: [print2020_v88] [old-ui-] → [print2020] [old-ui-]
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