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Write tests verifying top level await


(DevTools :: Debugger, task, P4)



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Top-Level Await is being implemented, and will be ready for testing soon. This bug is for tracking the integration of this feature with devtools.

Top Level await introduces the ability to use asynchronous code in Modules. This doesn't apply to other types of scripts such as eval or classic scripts. It can be tested by turning on the Top Level Await flag in javascript.options.experimental.top_level_await

Example code can be found in the explainer:

And the test262 repo can also provide some files for testing:

I don't expect any changes to be necessary here, beyond maybe a few tests.

Thanks for the report Yulia!

Blocks: dbg-test
Severity: -- → S3
Priority: -- → P4
Depends on: 1725621
No longer depends on: 1725621
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