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@page margin:0 seems to be special and does not behave the same as margin:0.01px w.r.t. non-printable areas


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This test has @page { margin:0.01px; } and when I print it (using a clean profile) to my printer the border is about 0.5cm in from the paper edge. IOW, it seems 0.01px is added to the printers unwriteable margin. Compare this with the same test with @page { margin:0; } which behaves differently - it ignores the unwriteable margin. So it appears the we special-case the margin:0 case?

It seems Chrome always honors a @page margin and ignores the unwriteable margin when it's specified (at least with the "Default" setting in the print UI). That seems like a more reasonable and predictable behavior to me. The user should be able to override that in the print UI of course.

That was an intentional difference, see bug 1672529. But yeah, maybe we should always honor them.

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