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Support for the prefers-reduced-data media query feature


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We support this, what am I missing?

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Err, sorry, I somehow read prefers-reduced-motion.

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I would also like to see this. Was looking for the option in dev tools a few minutes ago. I guess that emulation would follow the support for the media query?

This came up in a conversation just now with a friend in Texas who has been struggling with reliable internet in this snowstorm that has knocked out most of the state. It would be really useful if people could choose a low bandwidth option.

Plus there's just the environmental cost.

This should just be the norm, but perhaps there is a use case for the high bandwidth images. Let's support this in FF:

See Also: → 1232812

We need to know which OS signals to use to know where to match this. Is it just when a metered connection exists?

(Other than that it should be trivial-ish to implement)

Here's some research into OS signals
Here's some records of CSSWG discussion

Would it be possible to add an “Ask websites to reduce data” checkbox to Firefox’s settings and tie it to CSS prefers-reduced-data? You could add the preference to General > Language and Appearance > Data use, or create a new section for it. This could be the initial implementation (+ use telemetry to track how many people turn it on), and then you could always add OS signals later on a per-OS basis.

Seconding the above. Turning it on and getting telemetry would be a great first step.

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