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Accessibility High Contrast mode breaks content of PP and actual output in Windows 10


(Core :: Print Preview, defect)

Windows 10



Tracking Status
firefox85 --- affected
firefox86 --- affected


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Affected versions

  • 85.0b9(20210114193053)
  • 86.0a1(20210114083245)

Affected platforms

  • Windows 10x64
  • Widows 7x64

Steps to reproduce

  1. Launch FF.
  2. Go to any page.
  3. Activate the OS's High Contrast accessibility option.
  4. Activate the Print modal.

Expected result

  • All content of the page , as well as text and images are displayed without any issues and printed correctly.

Actual result

  • Page is covered by black blocks of color and text cannot be read and is printed faulty as it is displayed in PP.

Regression range

  • Will return with regression ASAP.

Additional notes

  • This issue does not occur for macOS and Ubuntu platforms.
  • The paper output is printed the same way it is rendered in PP.
  • This issue does not occur when saving to PDF.
  • This issue also occurs for old PP experience, but to a lesser extent(text is visible).
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Seems like the backplate code is acting up somehow.


This issue is does seem to be a regression since I managed to reproduce it on 81.0a1(20200806215439 - 2020-08-06), close to the feature's implementation date.

Has Regression Range: no → ---
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