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FocusedChild fails when focus is in iframe


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Given the following url, with focus on the input
data:text/html,<iframe src="data:text/html,<input>"></iframe>

We get the following results, depending on process topography when calling FocusedChild on the top level doc:

  1. Non-e10s: We get the input accessible.
  2. e10s: We get null because the unique id passed back in RecvFocusChild won't resolve in the sending DocAccessibleParent since it is a member of a child doc.
  3. fission: We get null because no focused accessible is returned by the focus manager when focus is in a child doc.

We need to make all of these cases work like the non-e10s case.

A note about FocusedChild: For some archaic reason accessibles are expected to return a direct focused child, or null. Document accessibles (including child docs) return a focused descendant. This API design choice is out of the scope of this bug.

Severity: -- → S3
Blocks: 1687257
Blocks: 1684383
No longer blocks: 1684383
No longer blocks: 1687257
Priority: -- → P1
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Make FocusedChild work across document/process boundaries. r=Jamie
Pushed by
Make FocusedChild work across document/process boundaries. r=Jamie
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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Regressions: 1691930
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