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New wpt failures in /dom/nodes/aria-element-reflection.tentative.html


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(Depends on 1 open bug)


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Syncing wpt PR 27238 found new untriaged test failures in CI

Tests Affected

New Tests That Don't Pass

aria-activedescendant element reflection: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
If the content attribute is set directly, the IDL attribute getter always returns the first element whose ID matches the content attribute.: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
Setting the IDL attribute to an element which is not the first element in DOM order with its ID causes the content attribute to be an empty string: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
Setting an element reference that crosses into a shadow tree is disallowed, but setting one that is in a shadow inclusive ancestor is allowed.: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
aria-errormessage: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
aria-details: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
Changing the ID of an element causes the content attribute to become out of sync.: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
aria-controls.: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
aria-describedby.: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
aria-flowto.: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
aria-owns.: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)

CI Results

Gecko CI (Treeherder)
GitHub PR Head


These updates will be on mozilla-central once bug 1687424 lands.

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owned by the wpt sync bot.

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Depends on: 1769586
Severity: -- → S4
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