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Convert PKG to a distribution PKG


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We've discovered that in order for our PKG to be installed via MDM (Intune), it has to be a distribution PKG.

Converting it is straightforward:

productbuild --package component.pkg dist.pkg

And then the dist package works the same as the original PKG.

It does have to be signed again though. (Not sure about notarization).

I'm going to run some local tests to figure that part out.

do we build our PKG on mac or Linux?

I think the pkgs are produced at the time of signing or notarization. What I'm sure is that they're not produced by the build system.

Product: Firefox Build System → Release Engineering
QA Contact: mtabara

Aki worked on the original packaging here. Hopefully he can offer some insight.

I'm more than happy to write the patch if I know where to do it :)

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We create and sign the pkgs here, then later notarize them here and here (notarization only happens for nightly+release signed shippable builds).

Changing iscript will change all our mac pkgs. I think we're mainly creating them for :mkaply, though, so that's probably ok.

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Yeah, essentially we'd be switching the PKG to this distribution PKG which is fine, they both install the same way.

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I rolled out mid-nightly, so we likely need to wait for tomorrow morning's nightlies to see the pkg fix.
We'll also see the fix in all other branches, so the next beta, release, and esr will see the fix as well.

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