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Firefox Sync does not sync all accessibility/safety settings


(Firefox :: Sync, enhancement)

Firefox 87




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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Installed Firefox Nightly.

  2. Tried to sync accessibility settings from Firefox.

Actual results:

Not all accessibility/safety settings were synced, leaving Nightly unusable.

I have trouble searching about:preferences because the cursor is firing. It hurts. It seems that sync has copied my settings to disable autoscroll and smooth scrolling.

I can't read about:config because the cursor is firing, but I know that ui.caretBlinkTime 0 was not copied from my existing installation because the cursor is firing. I can't check autoplay settings or other accessibility/safety settings using about:config.

Expected results:

Accessibility/safety settings should be synced. At least those in about:preferences and about:config.

Fir meta-bug, see bug 1269548.

Bugbug thinks this bug should belong to this component, but please revert this change in case of error.

Component: Untriaged → Sync

Thanks for the report - we'll look at this at some point.

Blocks: syncmore
Type: defect → enhancement
Ever confirmed: true
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