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Commented out block relating to ancient cookie Path requirements should be removed


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(1 obsolete file) has the following commented out code:

#if 0
  } else {
     * The following test is part of the RFC2109 spec.  Loosely speaking, it says that a site
     * cannot set a cookie for a path that it is not on.  See bug 155083.  However this patch
     * broke several sites -- nordea (bug 155768) and citibank (bug 156725).  So this test has
     * been disabled, unless we can evangelize these sites.
    // get path from aHostURI
    nsAutoCString pathFromURI;
    if (NS_FAILED(aHostURI->GetPathQueryRef(pathFromURI)) ||
        !StringBeginsWith(pathFromURI, aCookieData.path())) {
      return false;

Chromium has a similar comment at;l=310-314;drc=c6259cb544738517e7f1e9400ac8ce9372f8c9a1

  // The RFC says the path should be a prefix of the current URL path.
  // However, Mozilla allows you to set any path for compatibility with
  // broken websites.  We unfortunately will mimic this behavior.  We try
  // to be generous and accept cookies with an invalid path attribute, and
  // default the path to something reasonable.

The relevant spec text at the time stated:


4.3.2  Rejecting Cookies

   To prevent possible security or privacy violations, a user agent
   rejects a cookie (shall not store its information) if any of the
   following is true:

   * The value for the Path attribute is not a prefix of the request-

But rfc6265 states:

the Path attribute does not provide any integrity protection because the
user agent will accept an arbitrary Path attribute in a Set-Cookie header.

So this block can be removed.

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