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New print experience complicates printing


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Firefox 85





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Steps to reproduce:

The new print experience allows me to enter a page scale, but it removed the previous ability to pick a page scale from a drop-down. It also closes as soon as the print is compete, retaining the manually entered scale.

Actual results:

Here's my old process: Load the page that needs 70% scale. Set the scale from drop-down. Print. Return the scale to 100% from drop-down. Close the print dialog. The next page does not require any special attention, it will print from a single click.

New process: Load the page that needs 70% scale. Open "more settings." Remove hands from mouse to type in 70. Print. Print dialog closes, leaving the 70% value. Next page now requires undoing the first. Open page that needs 100% scale, open "more settings", remove hands from mouse to type in 100. Print.

The old process took 3 extra clicks. The new process takes 6 extra clicks plus moving hands to the keyboard twice. Talk about a "first world problem!" Nevertheless, there was no need to take something that was working well and make it harder.

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There is an argument for whether the scale value should be preserved across prints... I guess given it's mostly a page setting rather than a printer setting, it should probably not?

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Product: Core → Toolkit
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