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The request body parser needs to change to match DOM changes


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Bug 1686765 is changing some details of form serialization, and in particular, it changes the way names and filenames are serialized in multipart/form-data payloads. As they are currently serialized, newlines are converted into spaces, and double quotes are escaped with a backslash. This is being changed to match Chrome's behavior, with newlines (CR and LF) and double quotes being percent-escaped.

This change breaks toolkit/components/extensions/test/mochitest/test_ext_webrequest_upload.html because the WebExtensions code that parses request bodies on webRequest.onBeforeRequest decodes quotes escaped with a backslash but lets percent escapes through. I checked Chrome's behavior here, and it decodes all percent-escapes, not only those produced by the serialization.

Andreu, is there a target release version for this change? Will you be able to update the handling in webRequest[1]?


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There isn't a target release version, yet at the very least. I'll be fixing the handling in a separate commit in the same Phabricator revision, if that's okay.

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This will also make the parser compatible with the changes to the multipart/form-data serializer in bug 1686765.

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There's a r+ patch which didn't land and no activity in this bug for 2 weeks.
:abb, could you have a look please?
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The patch for this bug cannot be merged before the one for bug 1686765, which is still waiting for a review.

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Update the WebExtensions' multipart/form-data parser to match Chrome. r=mixedpuppy
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