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Reconsider how much vertical space Proton toolbars consume


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(In reply to Kirk Steuber (he/him) [:bytesized] from bug 1693028 comment #60)

FWIW, the Lenovo Yoga C630 has a resolution of 1920x1080 and defaults to 150% scaling (Windows 10).

I believe this works out to 1080px/1.5 = 720px in available height. Bug 1693028 comment 1 indicates that Windows has a taskbar height of 40px. I believe that this leaves 680 pixels of usable height. This is substantially less than the 768 pixel minimum height that the user story says that we are planning to optimize for.

This begs the question whether we need to reduce vertical space consumption with normal density. Proton makes us consume significantly more space than competitors, see attachment 9204237 [details]. If this was done based on the same shaky data that led to bug 1693028 (see bug 1693028 comment 53), that's a problem; it means we've optimized for a fictive user population.

If we keep compact mode, there's room for a compromise that could satisfy both UX's vision and needs of users with small screens: Consume more space in normal mode but automatically enable compact mode on small screens / in small windows. However, depending on where exactly we'd draw the line, we might still want to look into making normal mode a bit more compact.

Related to all of this: is there data on how common Bookmarks Toolbar is? (to be extra clear, how often is it set to "Always Show"). This is something that also needs to be factored in this decision making progress.

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Aaron has a design that reduces the height of the navigation toolbar by 8px.

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Flags: needinfo?(dao+bmo)
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Reduce height of the navigation toolbar by 8px, following updated spec from UX. r=mstriemer,desktop-theme-reviewers,ntim
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Has a per-platform height been considered?

Respecting native platform titlebar height, close/maximize/minimize buttons, etc. are an easy way to score "native look and feel", "first class platform citizen" points.

Can this be reconsidered again? The toolbar is still massive. It's height could easily fit the text contained in tab titles twice on top of each other. Isn't it still overly excessive?

Shouldn't it be as tall as the text, plus a few pixels of padding? Not padding which is significantly taller than the text?

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