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Relax max-height on print modal for larger preview size


(Toolkit :: Printing, defect, P3)

Firefox 86





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Attached image 960x1040-modal.png

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Steps to reproduce:

Change from maximized to resizable window and reduce width of window from 1920x1040 to 960x1040. Call up the new print modal and compare with classic print preview.

Actual results:

The new preview image is 67% of the size of classic print preview for the same-sized resizable window. There are numerous complaints on SUMO about the reduced preview size.

Expected results:

The print modal should take better advantage of the available height. This can be accomplished to some extent by changing the value at


--box-ideal-height: 650;


--box-ideal-height: 888;

Attached image 960x1040-modal-mod2.png

Showing revised size brought about by the rule change (as tested in the Browser Toolbox).

Attached image 960x1040-classic.png

Classic preview for reference.

The proposed change is less effective with global scaling of 125% (common on smaller FHD panels) with this narrow window width but might be beneficial at wider widths.

Severity: -- → S3
Priority: -- → P3

Since the release of Firefox 97 and renewed complaints about the preview size, I have revisited this and I think it also would be helpful to shrink the gap between the bottom of the overlay and the bottom of the viewport:

  • Increase --box-ideal-height from 650 to 888
  • Force --box-block-margin to a small value such as 6px rather than allowing it to vary to up to 32px (for various @media min-height)

I can't see any problems being caused by these changes, but I've only tested on Windows 10.

In userChrome.css for now:

/** Make print overlay use available height **/
  --box-ideal-height: 888 !important;
  --box-block-margin: 6px !important;
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