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ECH -10 updates


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Changes in ECH draft 10 include a change to including an explicit configuration identifier in ECHConfig, and rearranging the layout of ECHConfig, plus a move to HPKE-08.

The main changes here are:

  • an update to HPKE -08
  • a move to the single-byte configuration ID
  • reordering of ECHConfig

The addition of the explicit configuration ID means that the API for
constructing ECHConfig(List) needs to change. That means a name change,
unfortunately. I took the opportunity to make further changes to the arguments.

Depends on D105256

Type: task → enhancement
Priority: -- → P1

Can you confirm that landing this after merge day is fine, so that we have a full nightly cycle?

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Severity: -- → N/A
Whiteboard: [nss-fx]
Target Milestone: --- → 3.64

Yes. I was aiming to have this ready for early next cycle. There is no rush. I want to wait for another implementation anyway, just to ensure that what is here interoperates properly.

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Please note that this patch will break some tests in necko.
We need to update those tests like bug 1688317 (maybe we already filed the bug?).

Moreover, odoh test (test_odoh.js) is a bit tricky. Currently, the test server is using a wasm library, which is built from odoh-rs, to deal with HPKE. However, the wasm library is built locally, not in tree.
So, maybe the best way here is to disable odoh test first when NSS is going to be uplifted and I'll update the library and re-enable the test afterward.

:kershaw , are you able to help out with the preparations here? Disabling the tests seems like a good plan.

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Target Milestone: 3.64 → 3.65

(In reply to Martin Thomson [:mt:] from comment #5)

:kershaw , are you able to help out with the preparations here? Disabling the tests seems like a good plan.

I've filed bug 1709550 for disabling the tests. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

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