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Double-click doesn't select the last word of the line if there is no end punctuation and next element is inline-block


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As anyone who knows how much easier double-click + drag makes text selection (you don't have to aim at word boundaries), I use that feature a lot.

But I'm annoyed that it doesn't work properly in WhatsApp Web. If the last line of a message (almost vertically aligned with message time) doesn't have end punctuation, I can't select the last word. If I insist by dragging all the way to the right, then the last word is selected, but message time is selected too ("18:08" is how time is formatted here, just in case). It's impossible to include the last word without selecting the hour (18) too.

So I stripped down the code until I got the bare minimum to reproduce the issue. See the attachment.

You can't select the last word of the line by double-clicking it. And if you double-click a word before and drag to the end of the line, still the last word wouldn't be selected.

Even if you double-click far to the right of the end of the line and drag to the left, last word is skipped in selection.

Then I ran mozregression and found out that it's a regression. As Mozilla deletes autoland builds from over a year ago, I can't point to the exact change that cause the regression, but this is the range:

Works fine in Blink.

You shoud also notice that if you include an end punctuation in the line, then you can select until the end including the punctuation.

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Flags: needinfo?(emilio)

What the rest of the selection code uses is IsBlockOutside, which is the
right thing to do here.

Assignee: nobody → emilio

Thanks for the excellent reduced test-case, and Alice for finding the regression range!

Pushed by
Fix bogus block-frame check in GetRangeForFrame. r=saschanaz
Created web-platform-tests PR for changes under testing/web-platform/tests

(In reply to Alice0775 White from comment #2)

Regression window:

Sorry for the offtopic, but how did you get that range? For me, mozregression doesn't go beyond what I posted. It would be very useful to be able to get more specific ranges for builds from over a year ago.

And Emilio, thanks for the fix!

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Beyond the regression above, maybe the fix didn't really fix it as it should have.

If you open the test-case, double-click the first word (select), hold and move to the far right, only select will stay selected*, but all the text should be selected.

In Fx 52, before the original regression, this doesn't happen, the entire phrase is selected as expected. The same in Vivaldi (Chromium-based).

*: this is inconsistent. Sometimes all the text is selected, but it usually doesn't go further than the first word.

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