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Reopen All X footer item in Recently Closed Tabs / Recently Closed Windows has incorrect left alignment


(Firefox :: Menus, defect, P2)





(Reporter: mconley, Unassigned)


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(Whiteboard: [proton-hamburger-menu] [priority:2c])


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See screenshot. The text in the item should be left aligned to the tab/window icons.

Adding these:

.panel-subview-footer-button > .toolbarbutton-icon {
  display: none;

.panel-subview-footer-button > .toolbarbutton-text {
  padding-inline-start: 0;

and moving this line:
to a @supports not proton block seem to fix it for me on Windows.

Not sure if that's the right fix though, I don't know if there are (or will be) footer-buttons that should have an icon...
If it's the latter then referencing .subviewbutton.restoreallitem in the 2 rules above instead of .panel-subview-footer-button should do it.

See Also: → 1699150
Severity: -- → S4
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [proton-hamburger-menu] → [proton-hamburger-menu] [priority:2c]
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