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Check in a workaround for **long** Character Set menu


(Core :: Internationalization, defect, P3)






(Reporter: momoi, Assigned: cata)




As a way to workaround 1)non-scrollable and 2) non-customizable Character
Set menus in Messenger, Navigator, Editor, check in the diffs designated
as "M10 only" in the above URL.
Check in also the messengercompose.dtd diffs to normalize the Charset
menu names as well.

These files were tested and verified to work on the 10/19/99 Win32 build.

This is a simple re-arrangement of the Character Set menu, and it should
look like this image:
Jean-Francois, please review the diffs for Editor and Messenger
changes. I'll send you the diffs and explanation.
Target Milestone: M11
I have reviewed modifications for Messenger, Editor (html & plain text editor) and MessageCompose. Everything is
fine for me.
GO, check it in...
Cata, when your review of the Navigator diffs is done, please
check the whole thing in and mark this bug fixed.
All diffs are in. Please QA it. Thanks!
Thanks, Cata.

This check-in affects charset menus in Navigator, Composer,
(Plain Text Editor -- if there is still one under Debug menu?),
Messenger, and Messenger Compose windows.

The Browser team, please look at Navigator and Composer/Editor menus.
The mail team should look at Messenger and MessengerCompose menus and
make sure that they all work.

I talked to teruko about Composer charset menu and apparently there is
a bug in the Save function such that everything is saved as UTF-8
even when the charset menu is changed. So the Composer menu probably
will not be all that effective until that bug is fixed.
teruko, do you know the bug number for the Save problem?
Blocks: 17432
Closed: 25 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
** Checked with 10/28/99 Win32 build (1999102808) **

Th new Messenger Menu and MessengerCompose menus now work OK
on Windows. The charset names also have been normalized
according to the Mozilla Charset UI name spec:

Marking it fixed.

We need verification for:

Messenger & MessengerCompose on Linux.
Browser & Editor on all platforms (teruko)

Xianglan, please look at Linux Mail menus and write in your findigns here.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Sorry there was a typo for the UI name for ISO-8859-13
in my original diffs. It should be "Baltic" rather than "Greek".
This is UI change only and will not affect the functionality  of this
menu item but we should correct it.

Please correct the following line:

<!ENTITY dcharIso13Cmd.label "Greek (ISO-8859-13)">


<!ENTITY dcharIso13Cmd.label "Baltic (ISO-8859-13)">

in the following 3 files:




Re-opening the bug until this is fixed.
Fixed. Please verify and close bug. Thanks!
There was one more typo.

The following should be corrected:

<!ENTITY dcharDosCyrCmd.label "Cyrillic (IBM866)">


<!ENTITY dcharDosCyrCmd.label "Cyrillic (CP-866)">

in the following 3 files.



Done. Please verify and close.
Closed: 25 years ago25 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Marking as fixed, for verification. Cata, that's what I understand from your
last comment, though you didn't mark the bug as such.
Look at tomorrow's build for CP-866 under Cyrillic rather than IBM866.
Verified with today's linux build: 1999110309. It's fixed.
I verified this in 110408 Mac and Win32 build.
No longer blocks: 17432
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