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Keyboard shortcut to restore previous session


(Firefox :: Keyboard Navigation, enhancement, P3)

Firefox 89
Windows 10



Tracking Status
firefox89 --- affected


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steps to reproduce/what did you do?

  • Open new Firefox session
  • Open application menu
  • Navigate to History
  • Click Restore Previous Session to restore previous session

expected behavior/ what did you think will happen?

  • Open new Firefox session
  • ctrl+ shift + T to restore previous session

actual behavior/ what actually happened?

As described above, it takes multiple clicks now to restore my previous session. Before this option was a top-level item in the application menu instead of a nested option under History. It still had no keyboard shortcut assigned, which also wasn't ideal considering how often I'd use this feature. It'd be useful if the same shortcut to reopen a closed tab would restore the entire session once a new session has been started.

Verified- suggestion for adding a shortcut to the restore previous session behavior.

Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [proton-foundations]
Whiteboard: [proton-foundations] → [proton-foundations] [foxfooding]
Whiteboard: [proton-foundations] [foxfooding] → [proton-foundations] [foxfooding][internal] [proton-foxfooding]
Component: Foxfooding → Keyboard Navigation
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