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Make dom/serviceworkers/test/test_openWindow.html to pass with Fission+bfcache


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(Reporter: smaug, Assigned: emilio)


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The test seems to fail reliably with Fission+BFcache. The failure looks similar to bug 1670471.

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The failure wasn't in peterv's latest try run.

With fission+BFCache, we get a notification for the initial document,
and that fails the same-origin check (because about:blank isn't
same-origin with the opener) so we resolve the promise with null
rather than returning a client.

Instead, wait for the right load to arrive if the top level window
global is the initial document.

Assignee: nobody → emilio
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Ah, it fails on current central. Does peterv's try run have other patches on top?

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From Matrix:

emilio: I would expect peterv's patches just change the timing a bit so perhaps the failure didn't show up in that run

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Pushed by
Wait for the right load in ClientOpenWindow. r=asuth

The patch got backed out due to a problem that's pre-existing. This
listener keeps alive itself via a cyclic reference to mPromise, and
relies on the STOP notification to clean up that cycle.

nsDocLoader was firing that notification, but BrowserChild stopped
listening too early.

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Depends on: 1705724
Blocks: 1705724
No longer depends on: 1705724

This is enough to fix the leak though perhaps the other patch also makes

Depends on D112351

Pushed by
Trigger stop notification on discard if waiting for it. r=nika
Pushed by
Wait for the right load in ClientOpenWindow. r=asuth
Closed: 3 years ago
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