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The proton design tab button has uneven margin on left and right


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, defect, P2)

Firefox 89




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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a few empty tab
  2. Trying to move between two inactive tab from left to right
  3. Observe the cursor position and what tab button is lit

Actual results:

The left button have 0 margin area that can be clicked
But the right one have about 4 pixel.

The button is actually position like this in the clickable container. (see the attach image)

Expected results:

The area that can be clicked is even between the two button.

I am not entirely sure if it is intentional to make it uneven.
If it is, just close this bug.

Summary: The proton design tab button uneven margin on left and right → The proton design tab button has uneven margin on left and right

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I do see what is being reported with perhaps a single pixel to the right of each tab instead of 0, as reported. Most of the click/hover space between two tabs appears to be assigned to the tab on the right.

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Whiteboard: [proton-tabs-bar]
Flags: needinfo?(rtestard)
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Whiteboard: [proton-tabs-bar] → [proton-tabs-bar] [priority:2c]
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